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Why are your prices so low?

With local costs rising continuously we didn’t want that to have an impact on reading in South Africa. Our overheads are very low and our passion for reading still burns bright. The prices we have on our website are the lowest you’ll find anywhere

How do I know what discount I get?

Your first order with us we add 5% to the total. So if you order R1000 of books the charge will be R1050 excluding the Postnet charge of R99 to R125*

With your second order we will add 10%, your third 15%, fourth 20% then 25% is the highest we will go. If you do a sixth order with us it drops back down to 5% and we start the process over. Rewarding you for sticking with us and saving you money for that next overseas trip

The average retail mark up is between 35% to 45% so even at our highest bracket you are still getting a fantastic deal



What is the order time for my delivery?

Once the payment is reflected on our side and the books requested are in stock then all things equal please allow 7 days before we hand it over to Postnet to be delivered ASAP to your nearest Postnet. We will always be in communication with you with regards to your order. 

We will communicate what books are in stock and out of stock on the quote. You can then make a decision to proceed or cancel the order

Once the order is placed we immediately ask our publishers from around the country to send us the copies. These copies are literally hot off the press, no one has read the book, given it dog ears, crossed out all the bad words with a marker or even browsed through the book with their dirty fingers covered in chocolate. You will receive brand new copies of each title.

How does the ordering system work?

You can add books to your cart and once you are happy select the request a quote tab. We will then do a same day quotation and send it back to you, informing you what titles are in stock and what discount you receive. 

Why use Postnet?

We want everyone to be able to have access to good books at very competitive prices. With daily living costs rising we decided to use a stable, safe and very reliable delivery system. In addition Postnet give us a tracking number so we can always follow and keep track of any orders that leave us. Our prices are low and with the discount structure it almost cancels out any transport costs to make you, the customer hopefully very happy!

You don't have the books I'm looking for

Thats not a problem at all, simply email us your wish list and we’ll let you know if we can get the books you are looking for

We work with every major book publisher in South Africa so we have access to all the mainstream books at the lowest prices

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes all orders need to be over R500. If the orders are below R500 the distribution companies charge us extra fees. So to keep costs low we have made that order limit

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