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Why use Mad Hatter Books?

I used to managed one of the biggest bookstores in East London and on numerous occasions we had many men and women entering the store with shortness of breath, sweating and anxious. Without them saying a word I knew it was their turn to host book club

The pressure to host and select books that the book club members will enjoy is immense and you do want to impress. That’s where we come in, every month we get sent lists of 1000’s of books from the top publishers in SA that are being released. I sift through all the books and select the top 10 to 20 books that are must haves and then present them to you. 

All you have to worry about is choosing which cheese to pair with your wine. Bookclubs are meant to be a fun evening where friends and family can enjoy each other’s company, so let us do the choosing and all you have to do is fill your box  

What book format are the books?

The majority of the books will be in a Trade Paperback version. (235mm x 150mm). 

How long do I have to wait for my order?<br />

All things equal please allow 7 days before shipping. However we will always be in communication with you with regards to your order. If on the odd occasion a title is out of stock in South Africa we will contact you and give you 3 options. 1. Do you want your money back for this specific title 2. Would you like to wait for the title to arrive and lastly 3. Would you like to replace the title with something that is in stock

Once the order is placed we immediately ask our publishers from around the country to send us the copies. These copies are literally hot off the press, no one has read the book, given it dog ears, crossed out all the swear words with a marker or even browsed through the book with their dirty fingers covered in chocolate. You will receive brand new copies of each title.

Why is the book cover I received different to cover on your website?<br />

On rare occasions, you might order a book and receive it with a different cover. That’s because popular books are sometimes released with two covers, one for the American public and the other for Europe. The writing is the same though. 

How does the pricing work?

If you have 3 to 5 books in your box it enables you to 10% discount. A selection of 6 books or more will enable a discount of 15%.

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